"Dreams are made to be broken. But without a dream you might as well be dead." I want to welcome all my fans and potential fans to my world. This is the place where you can get a taste of everything that I love, pertaining to all that I do. Check out my "blurbs", my music, and everything else I decide to do at that moment. I'm just Jumping out there for size, fun and pleasure. If it's not about the music then it's not about me.

Just a Blurb Not a Blog

Blurb It:Easter Was two Days Ago 

 As I sit here and watch Wendy Williams, I'm checking out her apparel for the April 22nd,2014 show........Blurb It: Whats up with the Easter Dress....................... (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I've always been a fan of Wendy's subtle but sleek wardrobe on the show. But this Easter outfit should have been worn on Friday, NOT TUESDAY. And as I say this,… Read more

Blurb It: I Never Stop Laughing at Prince and His Spin Move..... 

    My husband and I always, ALWAYS watch Purple Rain whenever it comes on. I can't tell you how many freaking times we have watched this movie, but please believe it's like it gets better EVERY TIME WE WATCH IT. There is one part in the movie that I think I will forever exhaust my soul with laughter on, and that is the part when he........Blurb It: Where the hell did… Read more

Blurb it: Mediatakeout is a Run Down ass Eatery....... 

I have to admit that I have had my fair share of Mediatakeout. And yes, I have spent a lot of my time scoping through the site to see if there is anything worth talking about but.........Blurb It: Mediatakeout is the worse Gossip site in the history of NIGUDUM! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Gossip is a beautiful thing and as a woman I enjoy doing… Read more

Blurb it:If she was white, it Would of Been the Crazy Home 

So a Berkeley woman drives van with her children into ocean near Daytona Beach, and guess what? SHE WAS BLACK, I shake my head because I'm shocked. I shake my head because I found it hard to believe that she was black. And I shake my head because I'm still shocked that this woman wasn't WHITE.Blurb it: This is the type of ish White folks do....... (adsbygoogle =… Read more

Blurb it:Can Someone Please Explain The Stupidity? 

Headed to my email, I glance at the Yahoo stories and came across Justin Bieber and his 100,000 square foot home being sold to Kardashians. Of course, me being being who I am I went on a rant. I just need someone to explain to me WHY!!Blurb it: "Why do people lose their common sense when they get MONEY?" (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I… Read more

Blurb it: Dear Keebler, Stop wasting my money with bad packaging! 

To me, some things are just common sense. You buy tennis shoes, there should be shoe laces. You don't buy ice cream in a plastic bag.Which means that you should be able to buy a pack of freaking cookies with packaging that allows the cookies to stay fresh.Blurb it:" Dear Keebler, Stop wasting my money with bad packaging (adsbygoogle =… Read more

Blurb it: Do Unto Others........ You ain't nothing special 

Since this is my very first Blurb I wanted to make it personal, It was only right that I did so.First off for you people who have no idea what a blurb is, it's a short version of an article. Since I don't have time to write hundred word articles based on my thoughts, I figured I would learn how to express my thoughts in a few lines only. GET TO THE POINT AND MOVE ON. That is the… Read more

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  • Alissa

    Alissa UK

    Can't wait to hear new music. Ur blurbs are soo funny!
    Can't wait to hear new music. Ur blurbs are soo funny!
  • Shy Guy

    Shy Guy Pakistan

    I enjoyed your last website you had. Can't wait to see what this is like. really a fan of u and ur music.
    I enjoyed your last website you had. Can't wait to see what this is like. really a fan of u and ur music.